Monday, July 28, 2014

Midnight Monday with Julie

Julie: Oh, Mom is sitting on the porch.
I bet she will give me some scritches.

Oh yeah! That feels so good !

Mmmmmm! Ahhhhhhh! Mmmmmm!

That was good but I want more.

What? No more scritches?

OK Mom!
Belly rubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Julie with a Raffle Prize

Julie: I was enjoying some porch time when Mom came 
home from the Vet. She went there alone, because they
said she won a raffle prize from last Saturday's Open House.

This is the bag Mom won at the Open House.
You can see some pics of the event here.

Hmmmm! Look at all this stuff!

This is very cool.Some stuff is for woofies, so Mom will
give that to our babysitter who has a woofie.
There were some kitty treats and we enjoyed those!
I also see a neck scarf.
I hope Mom does not intend to put that on me!
That would be a bad idea! I'll make sure the dog gets that.

Hey Mom, got any more treats ?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Midnight Monday with Julie

Julie: This past weekend was hot and sunny!
I still got to relax on the porch.

My big brother JJ kept me company.

A great place for relaxing.

 I got up because I felt like having a good roll on the floor!

Oh yeah !

That felt good !

Now to continue my snooze.
You can take that flashy box away Mom !

Thursday, July 10, 2014

I Waits

Mom's been really busy lately. She has been working a lot and, sniffing her, I don't smell another cat so I guess it's true. But it's kind of lonely without her.

When she's home, she has a lot to do, too, because she says she's behind in everything. Plus, she's been having problems with her RA, whatever that is. She's been moving slowly.

So, we have to take our together time when we can get it and however we can get it. Over the weekend, I spent time watching out the windows of the office.

Mom sits near me and I can get ear scratches a lot. Also, I can see onto the deck where she has a birdbath and watch bird TV.

Sometimes, I hop up on the chair next to her and settle down. We can stay like this for hours, mom working on the computer and me working at naps. I need to perfect my form you know.

But late at night, after the sun goes down, it's sometimes just wise to sit in the hallway and wait. Mom will come to bed and then we can get a proper night's sleep.

Mom says she'll be better about posting, but I think she really needs to take more days off, days where we can just sit on the deck.


Monday, July 07, 2014

Julie- My Gotcha Day !

Today is my 2nd Gotcha Day!
It just happened that I was rescued on the same day
Mom adopted my siblings in 2006 !
Here I am with my siblings.
We normally blog at Mickey's Musings.

For a while, I was living outdoors. 
I found a nice place where a kind lady fed me.
It turned out that the lady was Mom's sister!

I also have furcousins.
They are Team Tabby !
 Mom, who likes black cats, came out to see me and that was it!
I had a new home!

As you can see, living outside is hard on a kitty.
I was hungry and losing my furs!
With a safe home,love and good food, my furs grew back.

At my new home, I lived in the bathroom for a while.
After I passed all my tests, I was introduced to my new siblings.
It was nice having a safe place to live .

Here I am in 2013. 
As you can see, I settled in quite nicely.

This pic is from Sunday,July 6, 2014.
I am so thankful to have this home.
I love Mom and my siblings.
This porch is the closest I get to being outside and that
is just fine with me !